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Diaspora Deposit Account

Diaspora Deposit Account is a Value-added product for the existing Diaspora E-Account Holders.

Select a Call or a fixed term deposit account. Compare features side by side and choose a deposit account to fit your investment goals.


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This account allows the saver flexibility to access funds while earning interest.

This account is specifically tailored for a saver who wishes to have a saving scheme based on a fixed term with a minimum of one month, extendable at your discretion.


  • Two free withdrawals per month.

  • No notice to withdraw.

  • No charges on the account.

  • Interest is accrued daily and paid on monthly basis.

  • Minimum balance KSH 10,000 or it's equivalent in foreign currency.

  • Available in Kenya shilling and foreign currency (USD, EUR and GBP)


  • Competitive deposit rates.

  • Available in in Kenya shilling and foreign currency (USD, EUR and GBP).

  • Higher deposit rates.

  • Option to select your maximum term duration in months/years.

  • Can be used as collateral for borrowing purpose.


Have the following ready to start the application process;

  1. Download Signing Instructions sign and scan.
  2. A Scanned copy of your valid Passport or Kenyan I.D.
  3. Finally complete the application process by clicking on the "Sign Up Today" button located on the top right corner of this page.

Opening the Diaspora Deposit Account is absolutely hassle free.

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